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Islander Kelp Ltd. organically (Biodynamic GB-06) farms kelp for food off the coast of Rathlin Island,
north of Ireland. It is the only producer of farmed, cooked and made ready to use kelp noodles in
Europe. Other products are not cooked, or mostly raw and dried.
The company has specialised in high end, high value product, and in terms for price per kg., would e
at the top of the market for kelp in Europe. As well as its flagship product – the kelp noodles, it also sells minced kelp, cooked and raw, raw luminaria for dashi production, and also a range of retail and food service products, kelp relish, tapenade, salsa verde and pesto.
The quality which defines Islander Kelp is stated as:
A top of class at a global level, for kelp noodles. This is based on their natural (un-dyed – which is
common in Asia) colour; their texture; being blemish-free, nutritional and mineral content. This
culinary perspective being validated by a senior rep. from leading noodle produces – Riken in Japan,
by Ocean Approved, and by chefs in Europe, such as the Tibits chain in Switzerland, the Netherlands
and London.

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Great Taste Awards 2020

Great Taste Awards 2020

Islander Kelp are delighted to have been awarded the following awards in the Great Taste Awards 2020: • Kelp Pesto - 1 Star• Kelp Salsa Verde - 2 Stars These stars are added to the existing list of Great Taste Awards from previous years: • Kelp Noodles - 1 Star...

How to use Kelp in your kitchen

How to use Kelp in your kitchen

Rathlin Kelp - Saccharina Latissima (raw) Serving Suggestions • use as wrap for fish or other savoury dishes• add to soups like Miso, stews or pot of mussels• chop up and add to salads, pasta dishes or slaws• grind up finely and add to vegetarian burgers, dumplings or...

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