Seeded Lines

Here at Islander Kelp we have Kelp Nurseries designed to replicate the environmental conditions to support Kelp growth

Islander Kelp Seeded Lines

The Islander Kelp nursery has been designed to replicate the essential environmental conditions (water temperature, light, salinity, nutrient levels) found in the native habitat for kelp growth in British and Irish waters. The nursery has three key elements for success: 1) support the growth of  kelp from spores through sporophytes, 2) replicate the environmental conditions found naturally, and 3) control contamination.

Our seeded lines are covered in healthy kelp growth and, when grown out, provide an average of 16kgs per metre of clean optimum quality kelp plants. The isolation of zoospores (i.e. “spores”) is the first step in establishing cultures in the nursery. The spores are contained in the reproductive sori that are present in quantity at particular times of the year. These reproductive sori mature primarily in response to temperature and light. Islander Kelp collect the sori from their own farmed kelp, as well as the wild, and puts emphasis on utilising kelp native to the area in which it is to be farmed.

Islander Kelp Seeded Lines Quality Control

Sea water is sterilized using a depuration plant and extra UV systems, with very regular water changes. Everything is sterlised with autoclave and other methods to ensure no contamination.

Aeration, water changes and Ph management ensure a healthy growing environment.

Light functions to imitate daylight in both time, luminosity and UV and colour specification ensured optimum growing conditions.

Organic Status

One key challenge for the kelp nursery is the use of nutrient feed. No nutrient feeds on the market are organic, and this means that kelp grown ion and used in foods can never secure organic status.

Islander Kelp have developed their own solution to this problem, and any feed used is organic, so ensuring Islander Kelp spools can be accredited in organic food production. No bleach or harmful environmental materials are used in the cultivation process.

The buyer of spools can be provided with the records and certificate from Demeter Biodynamic Association as to their organic status.

Islander Kelp seeded lines usually come in 70 metre tubes. Transport is in custom designed containers in sterile sea water.

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