Kate Burns is the founder and CEO of Islander Rathlin Kelp. With a professional background and personal interest in marine innovation, her ambition is twofold. Firstly, to help people access a new resource of delicious, highly nutritious food. Secondly, to use kelp production to regenerate coastal and island communities.

“Kelp is incredibly nutritious. It’s a superfood, with more iron and calcium than any other vegetable. It is full of protein, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium and potassium. It is a scientifically proven fat inhibitor, so it stops your body from absorbing fat. Islander Rathlin Kelp is unique because its texture is so fine and its favour so delicate. This is because of our unique growing and preservation process. We blanche and freeze our kelp to keep all the flavour and goodness locked in.”

“I’ve spent my life by the sea. I moved to Rathlin Island when I was in my early 20s and I never looked back. Like any island, it’s a beautiful, safe, healthy place to live and raise a family, but in those days there were few prospects. Tourism or fishing are the expected routes, but I was more interested in Rathlin’s past as a place where kelp thrived.”

“Kelp is fussy, the conditions have to be just right for it to grow. We grow our kelp at a point where the Atlantic meets the Irish sea. The currents are very strong here, so it takes good equipment and experience to harvest. Kelp farming is a difficult profession to master, but here on Rathlin Island, we’re leading the way.”

We use a 100% natural process to preserve the kelp. First we wash and blanche the kelp in freshwater. Then we chop it and deep freeze it. Thanks to this refined process which we have developed over many years, Islander Rathlin is certified organic.

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